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Simple Roadmap for Happiness

Our values serve as road signs to keep us from getting lost in life. Have you ever been driving when nothing around you looked familiar, but as it turns out, Siri did have you on the right route after all? 🙂

Here are a few ways we can recognize our own values in daily living~

  • You choose to finish up the dishes before your spouse comes home. You value kindness.

  • You feel sad after a fight with a loved one. You value communication & respect. Ask yourself why what you are fighting over is important to you. It might be tied to one of your values.

  • You don’t immediately beep at the driver in front when the light changes to green. You value patience.

  • You apologize for your actions and ask how you might make it better. You value humility.

  • Ask yourself: “How do I want to think, act and feel towards what is valuable in my life?” You value authentic living.

Remember to be kind and curious towards yourself as you unearth your values!

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