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About Me

I am a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist with 20+ years experience in the areas of:  anxiety, depression, addiction, trauma, parenting, mindfulness and anger. I serve adults, teens, young adults, couples, and families, offering both short term & long term therapy.   I am very excited to offer video therapy to those who may not have the time or flexibility for in office sessions.   


I love what I do because connecting with others in confidential, meaningful ways is of great importance and value to me.  I have had the good fortune to experience this with in diverse clinical settings (residential and outpatient drug and alcohol,transitional living, county mental health and private practice).  In my roles as therapist, supervisor, clinical director and founder, I have been privileged to experience how the power of connection offers respite, inspiration, and strengthens the hope and resiliency of the human spirit.  I would welcome the opportunity to meet to see if we are a good fit, connecting in ways that are meaningful and productive for you and your relationships.


By way of a co-created, interactive process with you, we will side step the mind's incessant need to solve, and awaken your perceptual and intuitive wisdom, unearthing your hope and joy, and strengthening your resiliency.  This will begin to equip you to meet your needs in healthy ways. As a (MBCT) Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapist, I teach tools of relaxation and strength to sustain you as you open to change. 

  • I don’t make assumptions about you or your experiences. You and your treatment goals supersede any theory of psychology or expertise I have about how you should lead your life.

  • I believe every human being has an innate drive/force not just to survive, although sometimes that is all we have to give, but also to thrive~ find our place and purpose in the world, to be understood and feel connected to others.

  • I lead my sessions from a place of compassion and curiosity so we can determine your (or your family’s), current stage of development, take stock of your unmet needs, strengths, and those qualities that make you wonderfully unique, so we can begin equipping you to create the change you desire.

  • I am committed to self-reflection and growth in my own life because of its personal benefits, and its necessity in effectively promoting growth and resiliency in the lives of our clients. Because of this, I strive to maintain a small a caseload to ensure I have adequate energy and internal resources to offer my clients and their struggles.


I specialize in helping you:

  • honor your ambivalence throughout our collaboration, and move beyond, towards change

  • find congruency between your values and behaviors

  • silence your inner critic 

  • bring awareness to your mind and body connection

  • quiet your mind chatter and awaken your intuitive ways of knowing

  • fill your parental tool belt

  • be more authentic and joyful with yourself and others

  • understand and challenge the voice of addiction

  • utilize your anxiety as a strength in feeling confident and safe

  • increase your creativity and curiosity about yourself

  • identify your unique strengths and their application

  • break free of suffering~ from the past, including loss or trauma

  • feel accompanied in your journey


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