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Whether we see clients in a private or public setting, we are “public servants,” because promotion and protection of the welfare of client, and the general public is always our first priority.  We achieve this through consistent and effective application of legal, ethical and professional practices.
Upholding this responsibility while consistently providing our clients a high level of emotional attunement, requires that we exercise a great deal of self-discipline with regard to self care and ongoing professional development.  Sometimes balancing the two, along with our personal lives can be difficult, despite our knowledge or encouragement we offer our clients in these areas.  I would welcome the opportunity to consult with you in identifying your professional needs, goals or desires.  You don’t have to be the loudest, but you do have to believe in what you do.


My intent and hope is that you will experience ME as:

  • Non judgmental

  • Enthusiastic

  • Collaborative

  • Curious

  • Competent


And our supervisory/consultive RELATIONSHIP as:
– a safe place and opportunity to honestly explore areas that will improve your skills as a clinician and healer
– inspiring and hopeful means to meet your goals



Both in my role as therapist and supervisor, I apply a developmental and multicultural framework.  Development models of supervision allow me to understand your current stage of professional development based on descriptions, explanations, and predictions of typical changes in a supervisee over the course of your training and development.   Maintaining a multicultural lens ensures our curiosity towards all aspects of diversity and its potential impact on behavior, interactions, and the therapeutic and supervisory process.



  • JOY:  As “healers,” ironically, we can sometimes neglect our own needs, despite our knowledge and the healing we offer to others.  I experience great joy in supporting healers restore their self care and worth as a clinician.


  • HONOR: well-supported, informed and inspired clinicians create better results in the therapy room.  It is an honor to help strengthen the individual clinician, thereby promoting and protecting the welfare of the client, our shared professions, and the general public.


  • INSPIRATION: is a positive and effective feedback loop. I am inspired by the dedication, creativity and wisdom of other clinicians and their clients, and in turn, my intent is to inspire and strengthen clinicians by reflecting back to them their effectiveness in the therapy room.

Objective + Goals


Provide relevant, collaborative and inspiring clinical supervision to pre-licensed MFT’s, CSW’s and PCC’s clinicians seeking to deepen and advance their professional and personal development.



  • Increased confidence in your therapeutic skills

  • Improve therapeutic outcomes with your clients–

  • Fully understand and accept your unique worth and value as a clinician



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