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Private Practice client reviews


Krista L.

Simi Valley, CA



Sloane is an amazing therapist and person. She treated my son who deals with depression and anxiety and went way above and beyond what any other therapist would do. She found a program to support him and even drove down there to meet us for the interview on her own time. I'm so grateful to her for being there to support my son at some of his darkest times. I, myself have had therapy throughout certain times in my life and I never met one that was as dedicated as Sloane.


Talkspace Client Reviews

awesome! 5 star rating

Sloane is the best therapist I've worked with after years of living with diagnosed mental illness. I feel more confidant in my day to day life because of goals and shared ideas we've talked about. She's incredibly attentive and has a genuine approach that tackles therapy with sincerity. She's simply a great person to talk to and keeps things simple which is great wether you're new to therapy or returning.

February 15, 2018

Really happy 5 star rating

Sloane was kind, attentive, insightful and helped me work through my issues. I’m new to Talkspace but I definitely will come back if/when needed!

January 23, 2017


Dedicated, Caring, and Curious 5 star rating

I have made a lot of progress in the last few months with Sloane. The time I spent with her made me feel deeply heard and understood. I felt like she was my coach and guardian – always in my corner. Her devotion to her stewardship and facilitation is incredible and humbling. I’m truly lucky to have gotten paired up with her.

January 12, 2017


Good Questions 5 star rating

Sloane Fabricius is the right fit for me, and I’m very thankful for that–especially since in this kind of therapy we don’t connect face to face. I know that she is attentive, because she asks excellent questions, which is the way I work best. I know that I hold the keys to any self-discovery I might make, but without the right question, those things might never be resolved. She gets back to me quickly, and is encouraging, as well.

October 12, 2016

Danny M. Dos Vientos · 25 Apr


Sloane is a wonderful human being who is incredibly intelligent, sensitive, understanding and a fantastic listener. I've been fortunate enough to have her as a friend for many years and the work as a therapist that she does is truly amazing. Anyone in need of someone to talk to would be wise to reach out to Sloane as I believe she will be able to help navigate any obstacles one may be facing.

SUPERVISION Testimonials


Karla Barnett, LMFT

My name is Karla Barnett and Sloane Fabricius was my supervisor when I first became a MFT trainee in 2011.  I was still in graduate school and had never had the experience of working with a client in a therapeutic setting.   I was hired at a non-profit residential center for women who suffered from addiction, as well as many who had spent time in prison, and lost their children to Child Protective Services.  This was a rough crowd of women and I was understandably terrified to be thrown in to facilitating groups and having individual sessions with these ladies.

As my supervisor Sloane was very caring and empathetic to my needs as I found my footing as a new therapist.  She always took the time to check in to how I was feeling, empower me, and guide me into looking at what my counter transference issues might be.  She also was able to help me conceptualize my treatment plans, gain cultural competency, and guide me into being process focused instead of content based.  She helped me develop my group leading abilities and I now am secure and confident to in my ability to be able to lead a variety of groups in any setting.

After I graduated and became a MFT intern, Sloane helped me gain a new position at a transitional living center for individuals and families that were homeless and trying to get on their feet again.  This was where I began to gain experience in working with children and families, which was a brand new experience for me.   Again, Sloane through our supervision sessions guided and supported me as I delved into the new world of play therapy and a family systems approach.   I always looked forward to meeting with Sloane for our supervision and again her empathetic, caring approach to supervising me lessened my fears and helped me gain new knowledge and perspectives as I continued to grow as a therapist.

It was without a doubt my early experiences in these diverse settings and knowledge gained with working with Sloane that enabled me to gain employment at a Malibu dual diagnosis treatment center where I currently work as a lead therapist, running groups, seeing individuals, couples and families on a daily basis.  It is a very diverse job with many high profile clients who have extreme issues and I credit my confidence and broad knowledge base to my early learning experiences with Sloane.   11-29-14


Lauren Mills, Clinical Doctoral Intern  

“My first experience providing therapy for others was under the guidance of Sloane for a particularly challenging population.  6 years and 11 other supervisors later, I can confidently say that she made a huge impact.  I am still drawing upon the lessons I learned from her.  Not only did she provide integral training, but she exposed me to a parallel process that I infuse into my own practice, exploring and collaborating with clients and patients in the same manner that she demonstrated in supervision.  She always exhibited a genuine interest in the client’s well-being as well as my own and helped me explore my own strengths and weaknesses in an effort to be more aware and present for the client.  Having later experienced supervision void of these lessons, I have come to appreciate her supervisory style even more.  I am extremely appreciative of the training I received from her and would highly recommend her expertise to others.”   11-11-14

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