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  How I Work....

           Maintaining a Beginner's Mind










I am a Humanistic therapist utilizing strength and evidence based approaches that include mind and body.

  • Family Systems Therapy

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • 12 Step Recovery

  • Mindful, self-regulating practice and guided imagery

  • EMDR

My experience and approach is based on an understanding of our mind-body interaction rooted in neuroscience, attachment and your values. Our bodies and our behaviors tell us when we are not in alignment with our values.  Improving dialogue between our mind and body can train our brain to reduce negative, and increase positive emotions and behaviors.  Releasing fears that have been dictating decisions allow our innate wisdom to offer clarity on how to get our needs met in healthy ways, even in the most difficult of circumstances. 


We develop through stages in our lives, both individual and family life cycle stages.  Understanding your current  stage helps us identify your needs, and healthy ways to meet them, building resiliency within you.   We all have past and present circumstances that can impact our current choices, how we see ourselves, others, and our place in the world.  I will encourage curiosity about how they impact you, our work together, and your goals.  

I consider myself a “Wisdom Collector~”  passing on knowledge and joy I collect from each person I am privileged to serve.  As a humanist, when clients entrust me to care for their unique wisdom, paying it forward increases our compassion and connection with one another.




I consider myself an optimist looking for the good in people, surroundings and experiences.  My hope and intent is to interact with you in a way I would want for a loved one or myself.  Many of my clients have been able to identify our therapeutic relationship as a safe and nurturing opportunity to practice honesty and authenticity in sustained and meaningful ways, creating desired change.
Some of my interactive traits are:



~ I am relaxed and interactive. I am not a “silent” therapist that primarily stares at you and nods, but I also understand the healing power of silence when there are no words.


Mindful Listener

~ I strive to be present in a very focused manner so that you feel heard and understood. Listening for your strengths and unmet needs, while attending to your pain, words, feelings and behavior.


Sense of Humor

~ How else could we face life’s inevitable opposing and contra-indicatory ways. Laughter releases endorphins that make us feel happy, connected and calm.



~ I am direct and collaborative in my interactions with you to achieve our ultimate goal, do what is best for YOU. Your past experiences and current goals supersede any theory of psychology about how you should live your life.



~ About your strengths, and what makes you, YOU. Including your views on your current struggle, its impact on your functioning, relationships, goals, and how life experiences have shaped you.



~ Problem solving, creating ways for you to heal and meet your needs in healthy ways. Creativity is all about making new connections.



~ Because when we know we need to make change, there is usually great ambivalence, and sustained change rarely takes place without it. I allow you to set the pace, while collaborating with you for signs of readiness for change.



~ I really do love my job. I love being in relationship with people and together, exploring their unique complexities and views. Humanity is about celebrating the act of living, the ability to connect and share our stories with one another and find relief, joy and hope.



~ Respect is what I will always give you, because I hold a positive view of human nature and see everyone as having unconditional worth and dignity, it doesn’t have to be earned.

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