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Not every teen experiences a bumpy transition from adolescent to young adulthood, but for those that do, it can overwhelm them and dominate their thoughts. Making it difficult to communicate or feel productive. The good news is.....














With patience, curiosity, consistency, and lots of support (for everyone), it can make this long term blossoming process not only smoother, but more joyful for the whole family.  I would love to help create this experience for your teen and family.

When does “adulthood” really begin anyway?  It is a process, like all stages of human development, varies amongst us all as individuals, and is best measured by choices & consistency over time.   I believe Mark Twain said it best, “When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant, I could hardly stand to have the man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished how much HE had learned in 7 years!”

No one teen is the same, and I truly enjoy the lens through which teens see themselves, others and the world because it’s much like being with a very fun and sophisticated toddler! (No offense to teens!!) They often express themselves with such candor, enthusiasm, conviction, fearlessness, creativeness, humor, and with this finely tuned radar for hypocrisy.  This is good, this is their search for understanding, defining and strengthening their values, and creating their own identity in the world.  It’s through these avenues that we are able to determine possible causes and solutions for their current struggles.  Their drive to understand their identity and purpose is fueled by this desire to be something great, to make a difference in the world.  Don’t we ALL, really???  This drive can preoccupy their mind and energy, making reasonable requests from others seem like a burden, unreasonable or overwhelming!

I partner with your teen (and family) to create a plan to improve family functioning and emotional health. Utilizing a strength based, family systems and developmental approach, I have helped teens & their families:

  • identify and effectively apply their unique strengths as a family unit

  • heal from addiction, trauma & loss

  • improve depressive symptoms

  • find common values

  • understand and manage anxiety

  • learn how to earn & maintain trust with one another

  • improve school performance

  • improve communication & reduce conflict

  • negotiate conflict issues & need for independence

  • improve social interactions

  • reduce hypocrisy & blaming between teen and parent

  • create a buffer against negative social experiences

  • identify and provide additional family resources or referrals

  • extract humor & humility!



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