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What should I expect at the first session? 


My initial focus will be addressing any immediate distress you may be experiencing and help you to reduce your discomfort.  We will spend our time discussing:
– What brought you to therapy
– How it’s impacting you and your relationships
– Some of your personal history, and
– What you would like to accomplish


I will provide you with my initial impressions, feedback and suggestions. If you feel we are a good fit for one another and you chose to schedule another session, we will then further articulate your goals and explore your expectations and questions about the therapeutic process.  Opening up takes time, safety and trust.  In the beginning you may want to see how comfortable you feel talking about different things and how I respond to you.  As you come to feel more comfortable with me & my interactive style, you’ll be able to talk more about troubling experiences, thoughts and feelings.  It’s important that you take your time and do this your way so you feel you have the freedom to truly be yourself.

My hope and intent is that you will leave my office:
– Feeling heard and understood
– Hopeful about your goals
– With immediate coping skills to address current distress

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