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"While we have the gift of life, it seems to me the only tragedy is to allow part of us to die~ whether it is our spirit, our creativity or our glorious uniqueness.” ~Gilda Radner


Young Adults


Young adulthood is most commonly associated with individuals in their twenties, which  emerges on the heels of late adolescence, ages 17-19.  By keeping in mind this stage is a process, it will help you be more patient, focused and supportive of yourself as you navigate and apply your value system in your areas of education, family, career, dating, spirituality & self-care.  Remember, although you are definitely taking on more serious responsibilities than during adolescence, this still is a time for you learn and make mistakes and then learn more.  Or, maybe your not in a state of growth right now, but rather stagnation and those around you are wondering why you aren’t “getting on with your life."  If they only knew….You were thinking the same thing!


So, although it is most often an incredible stage of expansion and change, sometimes barriers surface that prevent this or make the process very difficult and slow.

As I do with all my clients, I meet you where you are along your developmental path to identify and expand the strengths that lie within you, as well as adding individualized tools to address any social, emotional or psychological barriers we have identified.  Additionally, I serve to:

  • Increase curiosity and confidence about your next chapter~whatever that looks like to you.  Not what others want you to be.

  • Improve your ability to identify, balance and articulate your needs for intimacy and independence

  • Help you identify and appropriately express boundaries and limitations with others in your life.

  • Help you remain connected to your family in healthy ways as you create your own way of being in the world

  • Assist the family as a whole in balancing outside family attachments and redefining and improving the parent child relationship.  (As a parent myself, I’ve realized  I’m usually a few steps behind their development, having to catch up to them:)

  • “Untangle your belief system~” identifying experiences in your life that have shaped your belief system and isolating those beliefs that support your current value system and well being, and then leave the rest behind. They no longer have to define you or your behaviors.


True story…..

Daughter is baking a cake at home and decides to call her mom and ask why, for years, she has always placed a small pan of water in the oven next to her cake while baking.  Mom says, “Hmmm…not for sure, but it’s just what your grandmother did every time.” “Lets call Grandma.”   “Grandma says,  “Well, not sure why you guys have been doing it, but I do it because my oven rack is uneven.”

So, we often absorb family values and traditions without exploring their purpose or origin.  Exploring the purpose of values or rules that have been handed down from generation to generation may seem disrespectful to our families, or feel frightening, since we still need their support as we make our way in the world! However, as a young adult, you can walk through your "field of values," and pick a healthy bouquet of beliefs and values passed down from your family, and those you choose to create yourself:)


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